What's your fancy?

Scrabble player? This is your pocket must-have for the big match. Contains plain paper to total your scores, seven letters to keep you thinking, one pencil, plus a pocket for the tile you're sure to need when you resort to cheating. Sold.

Hunt Me
For archaeologists and all diggers of soil, hoping to find the item of evidence you seek. Inspired by all ancient sites of England, from the wilds of Goatshead Crag in Northumberland, to the street of Chysauster, Cornwall. Sold.

Walk Me
For all who need to walk earth and soil. X marks the spot on all the choices made. Sold.


Tweet Me
Charming Victoriana version of twitter. When birds were birds, and tweets were simply noises made by, um, birds.

Tumble Me
Geology notebook, sold to the rock collector.
I am completely blown away ... It was such a pleasure to open ... the beautiful tactile leather, the story tag - everything! I spent some time just running my fingers over every inch of it, I love it! I think you have an amazing product and your presentation is the best I've ever come across. It was a real delight for me to open.

Stone Me
Fossil collectors, you need this notebook. Supplied with polished ammonite decoration, to save you the trouble of bending over at Charmouth for four hours.

Knap Me
Need a little discreet book to record all your flinty secrets? (Safe from us. We're not trying that skill again. Notebook sent to you with bag of pre-bashed flint chunks. Supply your own hammer, goggles, ventilation system and pack of washproof plasters.)

Tend Me
Gardening notebook. Contains paper recycled from Wimbledon grass clippings. For the aspirational gardener.

Sew Me
For embroiderers, seamstresses, workers of cloth and thread. Sewing notebook doubling as needle book, supplied with scissor charm, needles, measuring tape. Practical and pretty. Sold.

Count Me
For economists, statiticians, bean counters. I've played for hours with the clip-on numbers and you can, too.

Cook Me
Guess what? Notebook for cooks! Choose from two. Cooking success; Cooking disaster. (What the hell, buy both and I knock you a pound off.)

Pluck Me
Notebook for plucking musicians. This one, for lute players. Elegant and delightful.

Knit Me
Knitters, keep your magic words and numbers safe inside this soft wrapping notebook, supplied with wool bag. Perfect for the obsessed clicker-clacker knitter. Practical and fun.

Oh please do not take a mallet to the bathroom tap again. Write down the projects you'd like to do instead in this perfect notebook. Then we can call in a plumber and do the job properly.

Write Me
Notebook for letter-writing enthusiasts. (Not sold one yet.)

Draw Me
Artists, these feel-good leather notebooks are for you. Quality drawing paper and pencil supplied.

Dig Me
Archaeologist? Paleontologist? Yes, we're into the niche market now! But this notebook has a bone on the front! I suppose it could also be dog-lover's notebook, but that somehow doesn't sound so interesting. (Apologies to dog lovers.)

Unbutton Me
For button lovers. Buttonsbuttonsbuttonsbuttons.
I bet you're desperate to hold it now, aren't you?
Supplied with button bag (and buttons).

Catch Me
For dreamers and thinkers. Last one bought for a 21st birthday hierloom item. Beautiful gilded butterfly motif on soft textured, crumpled, and ragged edged cover. Access inside is via the butterfly, which is chained, so you must unhook it. Hope that feels like a violation, if it's not your notebook. If it is your notebook, hope it gives you tingles of delight.

Stamp Me
For stamp collectors. Are there any left?

Turn Me
Woodworkers! There are lots of you people. I know. I buy your bowls. You need a nice notebook for your measurements. This one is beautiful.

Cure Me
Chemists, Apothecaries, Pharmacists, Herbalists, Medicine makers, Wise women, Alchemists, Healers. Here is your notebook to secretly store your wisdoms. With alligator embellishment, the symbol for an apothecary.

Sea Me
For all dreamers of the sea. Coral pickings of beaches and sea shores stitched to a white leather notebook, wrapped around in blue and white handmade paper, decorated with pearl and starfish charms. When the coral rattles your fingernails, it chimes, slightly. Comforting, for sea lovers. Sold.

Preserve Me
Family record book to keep grandmother's recipes. Sold.

Organise Me
For people who like filing cabinets, A-Z compilations, and ordering their bookshelves by book height. You may have control issues. Clip board included. Sold.

Drive Me
Let's pretend it's 1942! Notebook with retro driving charm and fuel coupons. (They might bring petrol rationing back in. You never know.)