Let's Play

Tell Me
Notebook for story tellers, or those who have  difficulty separating fiction from reality. Like that tooth, stitched to the leather. The tooth I plucked from a dragon's mouth, stinking with fetid breath and red with blood. (No. Of course not that's not true! The truth is, I pulled it from my own jaw.)

Natural Me
Soft brown wrapping leather notebook; recycled paper pages made from plant fibre. Peel-away patches inside allow for treasures - feathers, leaves,  twigs, pressed flowers - to be safely stored away for keepsakes. Linking chain allows for precious objects to be tied for mementos. Clasp closes the book to keep safe from casual gaze. Supplied with collecting bag to slip inside your pocket to catch your jewels from nature. Sold.

Collect Me
Hand made to requirements. Last one made for collector of small objects in brown. Seriously! Brown. Commission recently taken for collector of theatre tickets. What do you hoard? Can you slip it in one of my collecting books?

Dress me Victorian
Ham it up in period costume with the right notebook to match.

Know Me
For scholars, academics, workers of magic with the words. This is all knowledge and power in a notebook. Foucault should have had this one for his scribblings on discipline and punish.

Genteel Me
Designed for the aspirational, with proper embroidery. Sold.

Fight Me
Warrior woman; warrior man. I so adore this notebook, it's not for sale. I will only give it away.

Scholar Me
For makers and scholars of books, historians of words, and keepers of libraries.

Love Me
For the incurable optimistic, the perfect romantic. Even if love is doomed. It will be. Record it here.

Find me, Stanley
For scholars of David Livingstone and admirers of all heroic (and lost) explorers. Contains tribal shield, coconut cross, and maps of Africa to help him find the way out. (I think there's an academic in Scotland who's made Livingstone his life's work. Go on, buy him this notebook as a whimsy present.)

Childhood Me
Copy the letters, learn the nursery rhyme. Really, very memory-filled and very sweet. Supplied with sweets, in fact.

Lucky Me
Notebook for the socially advantaged, wealthy and privileged. Cover is bound with a silver spoon. (Silver's probably fake.)

Lingua Me
Made to commission with the language of your choice. Can do Hong Kong Cantonese and Korean versions within days! Yay me! But if you want some click language dialect spoken only by 14 people in Southern Uganda, well that might take some time.

Colonial Me
Inspired by the British Empire! You need to wear a red velvet hat, smoking jacket, and order the natives about while noon day guns fire in the background! (Maybe I was drunk on G&T at the time. Obviously I wasn't the only one, because it's Sold.

Upholster Me
Lady upholsterer! This one is for you.

Artistry Me
Name your favourite artist! I make you a mini note book to match! This one, Michelangelo. Contains mini prints inside with quality sketch paper. Commissions taken. But that painter called Mainwingiggings from 1853 who painted empty fruit bowls? You might have to wait.

Free Me
Charming brown suede notebook for lady twitchers with pockets, flaps, and chains. Yes, could be a poetic metaphor for your soul. In which case, twice as desirable.

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