Be my Valentine

Knicker drawers must be sensuous, mustn't they? Lace, net, chain, suede, smooth papers, rough edged hand-made papers, sparkly jewels, clink-clank metals, Knicker Drawer Note Books invite you to touch, feel, hold, smell the leather. A sensory feelings book to engage your response.

Knicker Drawer Note Books ask you to gather and store your treasures too. The ephemera you can't ever leave behind - the ticket for the journey you want to remember, the billet doux you never sent, your unconscious doodle that revealed too much. Secret pockets, hidden panels, discreet envelopes, net and fabric help you catch and keep safe your moments and reflections.

But most of all, these books are made for privacy - Knicker Drawer Note Books never fall open easily. Ribbons, chains, clasps and pins secure your secrets, hold your treasures, and keep your privates, private.

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