I'm sure we had Spring come visit us in England. Maybe on a fly-by. Just before winter savages me by the ankles once again.

Well, a flash of fragile sun and the fleeting tweet of a blackbird put me in the notebooking mood, obviously.

Sniff Me Senseless
The one with pink suede, Norfolk lavender, hand-made paper, girly ribbon, and a bit of wonky stitching. Ahem. We call that in the trade unique, hand crafted.

Organza because you can see it coming; ribbon to bind up your indiscretions, felt to cherish the billet doux (received or never sent), textured papers to stroke in contemplation, and a bag of fragrant lavender to crush and swoon against. A place for keepsakes, a shield against worst weather, and a perfume for your knickers.

I can't think of any better combination for spring. (Don't count gin and cheap men. That mix would be good for any time of year.)

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