The Power and the Passion

Because sometimes, we just want to be Bad, Mad, and Dangerous to Know.

For when Power and Revenge are the only options.


No. 38 Vintage Emporium!

Yippee!! You dedicated Knicker Drawer Note Book Enthusiasts now have a shop to visit! Pop along to

This wonderful shopping paradise is situated in a beautiful old building in Newport Pagnell's High Street, combining Vintage, Antiques, Handmade, Curios and Collectibles. Treasure troves of one-off hand-made beauties await, the like of which you'll never find again. It's difficult, I know, because so far while supplying my delicious handmade notebooks (upstairs), I've eyeballed their  kitchenalia, furniture, clothing, crafts, bottles of wonder, cameras, mirrors, jewellery, and cushions. I bought a light, and it is the best light you ever saw in your life, now proudly and uniquely lighting up my punked-up kitchen.

And more! No 38 were finalists in The National Vintage Awards 2015, and finalists in the Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards - best independent retailer - so they are just about a perfect match for independent minds needing a fix of the totally unique.

As you can see, Knicker Drawer Note Books is pretty much thrilled. I'm on a slow and steady pop-in-with-new-stock-routine (unless I'm ill, on holiday, or mobbed by teenagers), so the books you'll find should change routinely. Going to the shop today are these three graces - one for eternity, one for the garden, and one for the sea. Enclosed in all, are love, love, love.


Looking Ahead to Steampunk Asylum 2016

Knicker Drawer Note Books is in Lincoln town August bank holiday weekend 2016! The stall - if my time machine is working - will appear Friday, Saturday, and Monday. All books are one-off, one-of-a-kind, never can be hand-made twice. If you want to place any requests ahead of August to choose at the event, please tell me in this month of June!


Tell me stories from the past and the future

I often make books from the treasured objects you entrust me with, and because I know these objects are so very dear to you, I take great care over them - greater care than I do my own amethyst ring, left to me by my mother.

After all, I still carry her in my mind's eye. I see her features staring back at me in my daughters' eyes. That glassy purple dress ring? It can wander about my half-dozen cardboard boxes of random jewelleries and costumeries like an old traveller, shuttling between offices Lost and Found.

But your objects! You have no idea how carefully I handle them. I unwrap them, gently, them wrap them up again to lock them in a special cupboard, a tiny-sized Alice in Wonderland sort of cupboard that is itself transported from another place and time, oak-grain and salvaged, now attached to the wall, to contain, like a Victoriana safe, the tiny things you sent me.

When your book is scheduled - and I do, I do, I do keep on track - then I lay out your objects, this moment their ceremony, and think about how they speak to me and tell me how they need to flow between the pages of your book.

And Oh No! This object! this thorny, prickly seed head! It explodes! It shatters across the desk, dried spears of seeds, skewering net and lace, and leaving a dusty, hollow head and my mouth forming an Oh No!

So I think about this for a while.

I have a philosophy of life which says that every weakness is also a strength, and every event another step on the way to becoming wiser, more thoughtful, less hasty, less imprudent than the day before. But I'm sure you know the one - every disaster is an opportunity!

And this feels like a disaster, at first. This trusted object seed-head scattered. But the way the prickles gather up the fibres of the net and mesh them? I look at how this little natural seamstress makes her world. I do not need stitches. There's no need for my embroidery silk or linen thread or wire wrap. The little prickly seeds and head cling and hold this fabric like an embrace: they say, here I seed.

So the little exploded seed head - it needed the cover of your book. Here it starts and grows anew. To this point these seeds travelled and become a new start for your story; or perhaps a point along the way, once journeyed from you to me, and then transformed, wrapped in new clothes, riding back again.

And that set off the themes of your book: in my head, journeying, travelling, transforming as we go, sometimes returning like spirals to the same points, sometimes moving through time and space to land at different points, finding ourselves sometimes, perhaps in places we never expected to be.


See you at Stall 13

Is it only Mother's Day? Just a few reasons to give a personalised book from Knicker Drawer Note Books...

weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, marriage, I have a private confession book, birth book, end of life remembrance book, collecting place for pink things, pillow book, sketch book for your art project, something for his shed book, I talk to angels book, my motivational sayings book, grandma's recipes, therapy journalling to get over the anxiety attacks...

spellbinding and shadow book for your special interest, bon voyage! and travel journal, gaming record book, film studies book, book as a theatre prop for your hallway, book because you dress as a Hobbit on weekends, guest book, hello book, designer's mood book, contacts book, book for household budgeting, don't forget me book, your feelings about the divorce book, collecting evidence for court book, purple book because it's purple and we collect things in purple, our happy book...

music book, place to put the shoe receipts book, story-writing resource book, password book (don't tell anyone I write them down), book for the seaside holiday, goth-cat-alien book (wtf?), photography book, I'm overcoming my fear of spiders notebook, here's our life together you bastard, I want to blow her mind with this book book, and ....

because it's any day of the week and you want to take a book on a walk to catch your thoughts in the sunshine.

Knickers have met you all, you beautiful, wonderful people. Come and see if I have a book to match your who-you-are, on the stall 5 & 6 March 2016, CMK, outside John Lewis. xx

Breathtakingly Beautiful, and all in a Book