One day, while walking in a wood,

Imagine ... you are walking one day through a wood. There on the ground, right in front of an old hawthorn, is a battered and tattered book, bound in worn leather, the colour of dusky orange earth.

You pick up this old book, glancing this way and that, to see who might have dropped it. How strange!
The back of the book is skewered with a thick red pencil made from a hewn tree branch, its centre carefully hollowed and stuffed with what look like dried juices of ripe holly berry. And the cover! It’s like no ordinary cover you’ve ever seen before.

As you turn the gnarled book in your hands, the shape speaks softly to you - here are a pair of stiff pointed ears, sticking right out the top of the book! And there! From the inside, a tuft of white beard! 

You glance over your shoulder, and stuff the book quickly into your woodsman’s bag, because - you know it now for sure - this book belongs to one who lives close by. This book is a book dropped in haste. Someone scurrying with the urgency of escape - perhaps to the bundle of roots they call home - let this book fall from their grasp. This is their book! And soon, very soon, they’ll return quietly in search of it, because between its precious pages are the spells that whisper to the reader where to seek the tendrils of Gold that coil within the earth.

This is the most precious book of the wood.

For this is the Book of the Troll.


Here's the Crack...

Do you want a story?

In an Old Shop filled with Curiosities, go up the winding stairs to find the book that waits for you.

Choose the book that says, Take me home, and fill me with snippets of tales, with drawings and doodles, with found objects and pieces deliberately made.

Now you have your Story Book which makes the Telling fill the Tale!

Then, should you wish to play the Game for October, simply slip your Story Book back to the Old Shop of Curiosities from whence it came by November 18th.

Leave your book for just one week. Return to collect your book from November 25th.

Find, between your pages, the reward to say, Thank you for playing the Game for October.


Calling adventurers, pilots, pirates, spies, and goggle enthusiasts!


In need of a Knicker Drawer Notebook for your classic Victoriana Regina Steampunk Style?

If it's clocks, corsets, and adventures with stiff upper lips that suit, then set your trusty travel clock to arrive in 1898, or 52°05’13.0”N 0°43’20.9”W before the end of September 2016.

October? All change! Books coming fresh from the Lands of Goblins, Witches, Aliens and Dragons!


Find Your Creative Space

There are many ways you can catch the ephemera of everyday, whether you need to jot down a passing thought; keep a memory; love a billet-doux; collect a ticket from a special day; save a hand-written receipt for an item you treasure; keep a photo; store a recipe or a cutting, or hold for the future a simple scrap of paper written upon by someone you love. Use some of these techniques to hold your treasures beautifully.

Pin your item to the pages with safety pins, dressmaking pins, craft pins, hat pins.

Dangle earrings, charms and found objects from string, chain, or ribbon tied to your book.

Glue papers, tickets, photos and scraps with firm glues, or use liquid glues to wrinkle the paper.

Stick masking tape, double-sided tape, clear tape, or decorative washi tape to the page.

Press flowers, leaves, roots, grasses between your pages.

Use pencils to draw and shade pages or pattern your book with doodled lines.

Repeat a pattern through the pages. Try date stamps and decorative stamps.

Staple items with coloured staples.

Clip papers together with bulldog and paper clips, hairgrips or tie pins.

Fold and stick pages together to create secret pockets.

Add pages by gluing, sticking or stapling concertina or fan-fold papers into your book.

Sprinkle glitter, bath salt, or sand into your book's pages.

Stain and wet pages with diluted inks, diluted paints or tea-bags.

Tuck envelopes, letters, and folded pages inside your book.

Weave papers together, or cut pages to insert and hold items.

Use photo mounts, or blank photo frames. Put scraps of fabric inside your photo frame.

Crumple, tear, or wrinkle pages to create texture and sound.

Paint the edges of your papers.

Drop ink splatters over your pages; fold the pages to make blots and patterns.

Add transparent layers between pages.

Stitch pages together, or stitch items straight to your page.

Tie pages together with ribbons, embroidery thread, rafia, twine, and braids.

Glue unusual items into your book like handbag mirrors, false eyelashes, or sewing threads.

Add index markers, labels and thumb tags.

Leave threads hanging to attach beads.

Enclose objects inside your book: bind them to the book by string and ribbon.

Punch holes in the leather covers to stitch and pin objects.

Use chains, wires, metal links and loops to attach items to book covers and bindings.

Stitch in nets, felts, ribbons, cloths on which to sew and pin.

Cut or prick pages decoratively to leave attractive shapes and swirls.

Tear holes in the pages to see through the book.

Stain and fragrance pages with paints, flowers, oil-based perfumes, waxes and soap flakes.

What can you think of? What did you try?

Use your book for a creative storytelling or to mark the changes you see around you in an everyday. Each time you use your book, you're re-creating the experience anew.

As your book weathers, ages, becomes tattered and scarred, it only grows more beautiful, more memorable, and more a remarkable story of your journey.


Yippee for the 2016 Steampunk Asylum!

Thank you, you many Splendid people at this year's Steampunk Asylum Gathering! I waved farewell to many of my favourite books! If you want to take out a commission for an A5 journal, A6 notebook, belt book or any huggable book with straps, clips, or brass, then tell me your who-you-are at


The Power and the Passion

Because sometimes, we just want to be Bad, Mad, and Dangerous to Know.

For when Power and Revenge are the only options.


No. 38 Vintage Emporium!

Yippee!! You dedicated Knicker Drawer Note Book Enthusiasts now have a shop to visit! Pop along to

This wonderful shopping paradise is situated in a beautiful old building in Newport Pagnell's High Street, combining Vintage, Antiques, Handmade, Curios and Collectibles. Treasure troves of one-off hand-made beauties await, the like of which you'll never find again. It's difficult, I know, because so far while supplying my delicious handmade notebooks (upstairs), I've eyeballed their  kitchenalia, furniture, clothing, crafts, bottles of wonder, cameras, mirrors, jewellery, and cushions. I bought a light, and it is the best light you ever saw in your life, now proudly and uniquely lighting up my punked-up kitchen.

And more! No 38 were finalists in The National Vintage Awards 2015, and finalists in the Milton Keynes Business Achievement Awards - best independent retailer - so they are just about a perfect match for independent minds needing a fix of the totally unique.

As you can see, Knicker Drawer Note Books is pretty much thrilled. I'm on a slow and steady pop-in-with-new-stock-routine (unless I'm ill, on holiday, or mobbed by teenagers), so the books you'll find should change routinely. Going to the shop today are these three graces - one for eternity, one for the garden, and one for the sea. Enclosed in all, are love, love, love.


Looking Ahead to Steampunk Asylum 2016

Knicker Drawer Note Books is in Lincoln town August bank holiday weekend 2016! The stall - if my time machine is working - will appear Friday, Saturday, and Monday. All books are one-off, one-of-a-kind, never can be hand-made twice. If you want to place any requests ahead of August to choose at the event, please tell me in this month of June!


Tell me stories from the past and the future

I often make books from the treasured objects you entrust me with, and because I know these objects are so very dear to you, I take great care over them - greater care than I do my own amethyst ring, left to me by my mother.

After all, I still carry her in my mind's eye. I see her features staring back at me in my daughters' eyes. That glassy purple dress ring? It can wander about my half-dozen cardboard boxes of random jewelleries and costumeries like an old traveller, shuttling between offices Lost and Found.

But your objects! You have no idea how carefully I handle them. I unwrap them, gently, them wrap them up again to lock them in a special cupboard, a tiny-sized Alice in Wonderland sort of cupboard that is itself transported from another place and time, oak-grain and salvaged, now attached to the wall, to contain, like a Victoriana safe, the tiny things you sent me.

When your book is scheduled - and I do, I do, I do keep on track - then I lay out your objects, this moment their ceremony, and think about how they speak to me and tell me how they need to flow between the pages of your book.

And Oh No! This object! this thorny, prickly seed head! It explodes! It shatters across the desk, dried spears of seeds, skewering net and lace, and leaving a dusty, hollow head and my mouth forming an Oh No!

So I think about this for a while.

I have a philosophy of life which says that every weakness is also a strength, and every event another step on the way to becoming wiser, more thoughtful, less hasty, less imprudent than the day before. But I'm sure you know the one - every disaster is an opportunity!

And this feels like a disaster, at first. This trusted object seed-head scattered. But the way the prickles gather up the fibres of the net and mesh them? I look at how this little natural seamstress makes her world. I do not need stitches. There's no need for my embroidery silk or linen thread or wire wrap. The little prickly seeds and head cling and hold this fabric like an embrace: they say, here I seed.

So the little exploded seed head - it needed the cover of your book. Here it starts and grows anew. To this point these seeds travelled and become a new start for your story; or perhaps a point along the way, once journeyed from you to me, and then transformed, wrapped in new clothes, riding back again.

And that set off the themes of your book: in my head, journeying, travelling, transforming as we go, sometimes returning like spirals to the same points, sometimes moving through time and space to land at different points, finding ourselves sometimes, perhaps in places we never expected to be.