Bright findings, soft diffusions of browns, the shape of ghosts emerging under pages, celebration of who went before, waiting for your notes, the claim of a new finder; keeper.

Labelled, Yours, K.


Frida Kahlo Diario

Notebook inspired by the colours of Kahlo. (And I'm a teeny bit envious of the new owner.)


Alice always carried a note book

Alice in Wonderland
Note Books heading to Vintage Emporium Number 38 Newport Pagnell.

Call Agent Pip via the new-fangled telephonic machine on 01908 615246 and ask her to secure yours for postage or collection.

Quick! Only six Wonderland books are to be made in Knicker Drawers Central before the Queen finds out!

Each note book contains items saved, salvaged, scrounged and stolen from a white rabbit, plus everyday papers for your jottings of the six impossible things you did before breakfast, plus your scribblings, doodlings, favourite quotations and answers to the puzzle, Why is a raven like a writing desk? Wrapped in white leather, A6 in size, and supplied with an invitation to tea.

£26 per book, p&p extra. Ask Agent Pip on telephonic 01908 615246. xx Love 2021 from Knickers. PS. Thank you to Karen. xx


From Dump Space to Work Shop

Why are those Knicker Drawer Note Books so slow to the shops?

On a budget, with two capable workers alongside me. The project involves clearing, rebuilding, uncovering, late night working, figuring it out, saying 'That'll never work', more carpentry, sanding, looking at bricks, sawing, trips to the tip, and, best of all, industrial sorting at the scrapyard, where I am in Stig of the Dump heaven.

Just what I need for the floor and shelving. It's all in here ...somewhere.


To thine own self be true... introspections from a Covid World

Time to think? As we tentatively emerge, overwhelmed and blinking into the days of our pre-vaccine Covid world, struggling - with various degrees of success - to navigate the various threads of our life, there's no more important time to keep a journal.
Here we can be honest. Brutal honesty, if that's what you need, whether all our narrative strands 
still work for us in this strange new world.
What's important? What can we leave behind? What do we want for our futures and 
what do we cherish from the past? Can we live with contradictions? Forgive ourselves? Think polar opposites about the same issues? Want two mutually exclusive states? 
Or find contentment with an unhappy compromise?
Keep a journal, if only for a short time, to discover that fantastic mix of intelligence, wisdom, emotional spiralling, positive thinking, negative pot holing, bizarre wonderings, 
internal contradictions, strange instincts and demanding impulses - 
that celebratory, glorious mess called human, by your name. Love it all.

Thinking Journals on sale for Autumn 2020 at Number 38 Vintage Emporium, Newport Pagnell. 

Prices for A5 blank journals range from £29-£35.

And if you own a journal and you'd like a set of Thinking Tags at £4 per set to send your notes flying in different directions, order your set of twenty tags by sending an email to