Found: Notebook

Jottings: Chronometer 8.17 a.m; Barometer 297 in; Thermometer, 6° (43°F). Direction, E.S.E.

Bears the name, Professor Lidenbrock.


Otherwise known as 'Writer'

Time Sharper: One who watches, records, guiles observations to cash. In recording behaviours, traits, common parlances, the Time Sharper provides chronicles which repeat and re-loop time. Time Sharpers are thus capable of disturbing the mind-temporal balance. Sought after in some looser societies and regulated in others. The Time Sharper's Note Book is an essential tool of this problematic trade.


Book of the Day

Bone Doxy: Lady Archaeologist. Bone Doxy's Note Book for field and river scrummaging, last night discovered, waiting collection. With bones.


Steampunk for your who-you-are

I don't know about your dressing-up moments, but when I put on my Steam clothes, I become the Bookbinder. I make the book for your soul. Regard me both with suspicion and recognition.

This year, will your book be bound and waiting?

From my workshop: books for Spies, Conspirators and Secret Agents; Magickians and Alchemists; Reporters and Photographers; Governors, Buzzers, Skinners, Rogues, Urchins, Dilletantes and Ne'er Do Well's; Merchants and Occupations of Market (to wit: Dressmakers, Star-map makers, Writers, Artists and General Goods Handlers etc etc); Detectives; Engineers; Airship Commanders, Aeronautical Naturalists and Fairy Collectors; Lady Botanists, Lady Explorers, Travellers and Nomads; Antiquarians, Collectors, Purveyors of Junk and Librarians; Poets and Scholars; Pirates of Land, Sea, and Air; Scientists (mad and sane); Noble sorts from Lord and Lady extraction; Officers and Gentlemens of Diverse Armies and Navies; Tea Duellers; Time Travellers, Lost Adventurers, Raconteurs, Inventors, Artisans and Rebels.

If you'd like to throw in your who-you-are, let me know at

Looking forward to seeing you at The Asylum 2017.

Kept Safe

Stall 13 Handmade and Vintage

Knicker Drawer Note Books, Stall 13 Handmade and Vintage Show, Central Milton Keynes, Saturday and Sunday June 10-11. Come and find the book that belongs to You.

All stitched with love - on my grandmother's Singer sewing machine from 1906, on a fancy-schmancy Frister Rossman dating from 1973 - and bound by hand in traditional pamphlet stitch with linen and embroidery threads.

And I know how these books are used, how they gain in presence and in part of us, because I'm using one myself, right now. The love of my life had emergency surgery three weeks ago, and my note book is become a place to clutch in waiting rooms, to quick-scribble jottings - a doctor's name, a tablet I can't pronounce, or a date that might be significant. It's a book to turn in the hand, to weep into, to be a part of the journey.






Messenger bird; silent, watchful, purposeful. A creature of necessary appetite.


Vintage Wedding

Vintaged pink suede cover, soft enough to fold in the hand, yet strong enough to form a firm wrapping embrace, titled by a small satin padded heart.

Book interior includes felt of delicate pink for stitching and pinning of buttons, ribbons, and lace. A stitched loveheart hand-picked in gold-effect thread and the hand-stitched word love form the seamstress' decoration.

Net and organza touch the fingertips, and a loveheart-inclusion paper, made from recycled materials stitched into book to create little folders and pockets, can trap papers, cards, and notes. Lace decorates the paper edge to create a texture through the book. 

Clean white notepaper collects thoughts of the day; net at rear holds petals, confetti and memorabilia.

Supplied in a gingham bag wrapped with net, for flower heads and keepsake tokens.

Held, forever.