Take me into the garden, by the park, to the edge of the field

The Garden
Green leather notebook, taking gentle inspiration from English summers
and make-do-and-mend of the 1940s, combining snatches of bridal lace,
fragments of jewellery, everyday notepaper and snips of papers -
chiyogami, vintage, with paper made at Frogmore Paper Mill from the
grass clippings of Wimbledon. Save the summer in a time capsule.
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Save the Little Things
Green suede wrapping book combining Victorian design with lace,
blotting paper, everyday notepaper and mulberry tamarind tissue paper.
One of those books which meets the Knicker Drawer criteria: I want a book which has
an animation; a life of its own, taking part in your moment; this notebook,
with its soft and tender suede tells you with a slight tremble in the hand.
It is all vulnerability and strength, fragility and endurance.
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Handy notebook hinting the 1950s, combining purposeful
notepaper, salvaged typewriter paper, torn envelope, card, bits and bobs.
This one needs using, not looking at! Paperclips, bulldog clips, hat pins,
safety pins, ribbons, bookmarks, hair clips, string. Use them all here.
Add the oils from your fingers, the inks stained from your pen and
sprays of oil-based scents. Your little leather and suede notebook
will return your use with theatre expression for your everyday.
Notebook 3 of 15. £24
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The Garden
Can I confess? I love this one! Disorder meets order in the best wild gardening of all.
Wandering ribbons, tough suedes, crumpled tissue paper,
sturdy notepaper, tendrils of threads lifted by air, all wrapped with fine shifting
fabrics clung together then suddenly parting from dense-woven cotton and net:
this little notebook is a wonderful tension of the uncontrollable brought against the
firm, stitched and book-bound. This is the true territory of my world.
I'll mix a tipping off-the-edge unpredictable with my rule-bound conformist. You?
Notebook 4 of 15. SOLD
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The Eclectic Collector
Bead, ribbon, cotton, net, leather, suede, silk; papers transcluscent,
everyday, decorative, watermarked, folded in, folded out.
What do you want to collect? Notebook needs owner for the little things -
a pressed flower, a passing thought, a loved poem, song lyrics that mean something -
even when they mean nothing; words for pity, praise, revenge, love, hate,
desire, grief, delight, joy and fear. Strap up the scourings from your days
in the pleasures and pains of your mind; bind them with ribbons and threads
and the bootlace from those boots you wore right through to the sole...
An eclectic mix is our who-we-are. Embrace it all.
Notebook 5 of 15. £24  
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A little pocket book, leather on suede. Thin papers, thick papers,
turned-over pages, sliced-through pages, layers, tucks, folds.
No-nonsense and fancy all at the same time. Fill it as you need.
Purposeful pockets need stuffing with the essentials - to-do lists,
must-do lists, wish-lists, urgent lists, lists of things to avoid,
lists of desire, whimsy and promise. Who needs a list anyhow?
Just write yourself a note. Notebook 6 of 15. £22
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Think laid-back hippy chick ...everything valued, nothing wasted, the combinations unique. 
Saved leather on suede once made as a jacket. Tablecloth fabric, loved, and salvaged 
marlmarque paper combined with tissue paper, everyday white notepaper and papers 
torn from an old notebook, just because. Beads from a funky 1980s jewellery string, 
plaited embroidery threads from the festival and all the bits and bobs that 
speak of wonder at what we can do, given time to simply look around us and create. 
Notebook 7 of 15. £24
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The Eclectic Collector
 'There are few things so futile, and few so amusing,
as a peaceful and purposeless perusing of old random jottings
set down in a book you've unearthed from a drawer'.
Delicate beaded fabric panel stitched onto suede. The inside of organza, cotton and net.
Notepaper of everyday papers thin and thick, handmade and decorative.
Slipped inside are postcards, cards and the ephemera to 
scrapbook your quirky treasures, saved for your day of futile amusement.
Notebook 8 of 15. £24
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Start Everyday with a Smile
Think yourself into a garden of bright spots, sudden yellows,
vibrant greens and pops of red. If that brings a smile to your lips,
then this is the notebook for you. Green suede, white notepapers intersewn
with bright, sharp colours. Write over your pages with crayons, felt tips,
coloured gel pens and multi-coloured biros. Make this the notebook that bursts with colour,
still smiling when you reach for it in winter to remember what summer was like
in the bright spots of your mind.
Notebook 9 of 15. £24
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 Tactile and sensory, a notebook stitched from leather on suede.
With net, cotton, organza, salvaged lace,
handmade papers, everyday notepapers, ribbon, beads, bits and bobs.
The whole stitched with love and value for the moments of reflection,
introspection and thought that flow with your possession of time
with a journal. A place for quiet thought, memory and speculation.
Write your day in a note to yourself and, over time,
your journal becomes a reader for your thoughts.
 Just for today. A perfect distraction from the noise of the world.
Notebook 10 of 15. £24
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A soft flexible cover makes a book to curl close; a wrapping wax
cotton thread keeps dreams held safely inside. Lace and torn edges
mix with clean, clear paper. Ribbons, cottons, organza, beads,
handmade papers, everyday notepapers, bits and bobs. A summer notebook
to take you to a scented place of grasses and flowers with the sky high above
and the green stretching ahead - perfect for remembering what is behind
while dreaming the best of what is to come. Always keep a notebook.
You are never alone with a dream in your heart.
Notebook 11 of 15. £24
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Collect in Me
Delicate suede, ribbon curls, torn papers, pre-loved cottons, hanging threads, 
everyday papers with laces and embossed transluscent pockets stitched in the Knickers style - 
all curves and flows and free movement. A confection of a notebook, looks like fondant 
and probably good enough to eat (but better to use it as a notebook instead.) Bliss.
Notebook 12 of 15. £24
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Having fallen in love with Spring birdsong some years ago,
I now strive to stitch a book with the same lyricism and determined strength
put out by our garden blackbirds and bluetits. A soft handlingsuede book to nestle close
in the hand and brush your fingers with delicacy and fragility, yet be as tough and durable
as any starling fighting a way to the bird feeder. Everyday papers mixed with lace,
transparencies, doily and net.
Notebook 13 of 15. £24
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Pistachio leather, bright greens, clean whites, and ideas!
Stick, fold, pin, cut, glue, stitch, weave, tear, shape, tuck, thread and bead.
Don't stop there! Scent your pages, drop wax, press flowers, punch holes,
paste phrases cut from magazines, write the words that matter. How will your book change?
Every mark you make in a Knicker Drawer Note Book makes it become more expressive
and more beautiful. Help your book tell the stories of your everydays - loves, passions, fears, regrets,
resentments, longings, wishes, memories, hopes and desires - through the marks you make. Your
 book grows closer as a reader for your thoughts and is made whole for a life of its own.
Share yourself with your book through the ways you create
and you'll make a treasure to last long beyond years.
Notebook 14 of 15. £23
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In my front room window
Who loves making acts of theatre in the house?!
I keep a Knicker Drawer Note Book to hand as I'm making any series,
so I can dress it up with whimsy and use it as a playful source of ideas.
The Knicker Drawer Note Books garden books in green all lend themselves
to a wonderful dressing-up with flowers and leaf sprays - use dried and fresh flowers
and snap away at your daily changing theatre.
Little dried flowers here, thank you to the amazingly talented Ruth Eales.
Notebook 15 of 15. Not for Sale
Thank you Agent Pip for helping us all stay connected.