Travel, sail, yoga, sing...

The book for all bits and bobs, change the label as you wish.

Soft brick red cover; travel journal style; plenty of pockets, maps, and places ...a little bit of organisation and discipline, or chaos and random patterning as you like... to stash tickets, notes, musical refrains, reminders to srtetch both legs at once, and the picture of the Yogi.

This next choice, I can imagine suits intrepid Victorian lady explorer. She probably thinks nothing of doing battle with a tiger before breakfast and then composing a small sonata for her evening dinner guests. Pretty index markers, delicate tissue, hand felted wool, transparent net and claw. Or tooth, or tusk, as you will.

Or the one that says to me, fun, fancy, spirited and free? Soft ribbon untied curves and shapes like the tra-la-la refrains inside. Stitching to match, gold print handmade paper, net, hand felting, folding cover from recycled, upcycled suede.

Which one to choose?


A different time

One of the bestest, most rewarding, most thoughtful projects to have come my fortunate way is a family ancestry work, collating and presenting the days of a beloved. And each time I handle these documents, selecting, scanning, stitching, I think, 'I wonder what happened next?'


Collecting book for how we grow




A book to catch the moments,
when the beat changes, a tune shifts key,
the flower blooms, the sky slips to a different brilliance,
and the butterfly we have so carefully watched,
dances off the breeze, and is gone.