Collecting book of shells

I sometimes get the most lovely comments, and since I don't have a marketing or publicity department, I have to say them to you myself, instead. And this book of random beauty found in every shell upon the shore is 'a beautiful, original, complex piece of work'.

Inspired by an Edwardian Gentleman's Library.

Notebook for mammoth hunters...

...paleolithic admirers, all errant archaeologists, and any do-ers of derring deeds.

A select few only of this book on sale at the excellent Handmade and Vintage Show, Central Milton Keynes, 7-8 June, Stall 104.

But be aware! I only possess one antler, and I simply cannot wrestle any more deer this year.


Bark, tree, stick, wood

All at once-and-the-same-time, purposeful yet whimsical; delicate yet textured; leather and suede for firm-to-touch and soft trembling. What could be more delightful to hold?