Travel, life

One, above: Treasure, stored, waiting to be found.

Two, above: Private - a book to organise letters.

Three, above: The Gentleman's Handy Travel Note Book.

Four, above: The Explorer. Pockets, tucks, folds.


All heart

Big silvery love heart with open weave pattern?

Brass styled love heart, woven like a web?

Or a big hearted medal, hanging from a chain?


Book of Nature

One: Single signature, wrapover cover, sealed with a waxed cotton loop over a copper brad. Book opens to felt fabric on both sides for stitching and pinning. Papers include notepaper, recycled papers from Frogmore Paper Mill, French waxed paper, and Nepalese tissue paper. Pockets throughout. The leather used for each book has been weathering the wind and rain for a year as part of an erosion project, brought indoors, washed and treated with restorers. Beech leaves from the tree outside.

Two: Four signatures combining corn hair papers, note papers, khadi, and snatches of handmade paper. Belt fastening: cover splits into two, revealing an inner and outer, a place to store small precious items. Inside organza and double layer nets to trap leaves and organic materials.

Three: A5 in size, containing notepapers, scattered cartridge papers, amate paper from Mexico, and pockets made from recycled paper on inner covers. A heavier book to make a statement on a desk. Great for collecting, journalling, sketching.


Creative wedding

I set out with ideas about Parisian Art Noveau, but then I got distracted by a spray of bridal lace, and this little book of love remade itself. Here it is, in trembling suede with a fragile edge, a memory of a curving spray of leaves, and a chain that connects us to an emblem of love.

So I set out again looking for my effortless Parisian grace, only this time looking for a more theatrical line and curve, with a dash of French poetry of love tucked inside to remake a little book as this.

Now I'm at a fork in the road, because should I go all Folies Bergère with crimson reds? or should I sink into the delicate softness of beiges, whites, soft creams and extra lace? Decisions, decisions.


Purple, butterfly

The biggest butterfly I can catch, snatched and threaded with bead to the cover; inside silky net, felt, organza and lace; torn paper edge; envelopes, folds and tucks for special words; fastening by internal ribbon; the back inside cover stitched with fragile amate paper: to say, Your Special Day.