Giving a Knicker Drawer Note Book as a present?

The only gift for you to have some fun, before you pass it on to its intended recipient!

There are many ways to dress up your book ... some of the following ideas have been given to me over the years as family and friends have got together and enjoyed the collaboration in a one-off moment on a day of celebration.

Giving a Knicker Drawer Note Book as a present?

Into the first page write the name of the new owner in the style they love - calligraphy, floral, crayon, 19th century ex libris - simply enjoy drawing the design of their name that you feel matches them best.

Slip between the pages your personal note - whether it is a thank you for the friendship; your gratitude or sympathy; your expression of love; your confession (and apology); a ticket to the cinema; your invitation and request; a hand-drawn map to a secret treasure...

Place any little extra items in envelopes inside the book. (Ah, can I tell you about the young man who hid the engagement ring inside?)

Press a favourite flower into the pages. (And if you can't find the real flower, cloth and silk are awfully handy.)

Pin or sew a special charm to the binding or to the fabric inside.

Slip between the pages your IOU for an evening out (or an evening in).

Ask friends and family to sign pages and contribute their messages of goodwill, farewell, celebration or greeting.

Ask the kids to draw pictures inside before giving, creating your own time capsule of childhood. (Then save it, just in case one of them becomes the next Tracey Emin.)

Write inside the ingredients of your favourite recipe. (And add a promise that you'll get together to share the eating!)

Enclose packets of seeds into gardening books; a love poem into a love book; a bag of buttons into a crafter's book; the bag of wood screws so beloved of the carpenter...

Enclose into your gift book the treasures you know the new owner loves to collect (buttons, stamps, paper clips, masonry nails, bits of string, newspaper clippings, leaves, beads, ribbons, postcards, shells... come on, we've all got a hoarder's gene somewhere.)

Write inside the lyrics to a favourite song.

Clip inside the book your favourite photographs of the new owner.

Then Voila! You've changed your Knicker Drawer gift book into the most extraordinary personal moment!

Hearing how you've changed your gift to adapt it to the new owner is always a delight to me. Tell me what you did when you see me at Stall 13.

Or drop me a message and I'll add your twist to the list.

Happy Christmas and New Year 2019-2020 xx



Note Book for the hero in the workshop...

or the shed,

perhaps gone to the garage,

maybe the yard,

or the special tinkering place by the back of the kitchen door,

How can we not be charmed by your passion in the industry of it all?



Just like the book, lost and found in the Library.