One that wasn't there yesterday

The Book of Missing History, inspired by Borges' Things that might have been.


Notebook for an Adventrix

Required for travel! Whether it be tea and treacle tart while moored in the Persian Gulf, or resting up in a Fijian harbour inn while the harpoon is sharpened for the afternoon's kraken hunt.

Brown leather lady's book contains pocket, folds, tucks, flaps and a secret place to store the world's deadliest harpoon point. Map route, code store, ticket holder. Likely to be required at a moment's notice when the adventures begin. (Supplied therefore with a linen thread loop on the binding, to hang it on the bedpost overnight.)

Strap it to your camel, move on. Maps fold out. Map pins included.

Choice 3: Requires purposeful lady traveller, scholarly and intrepid, familiar with the Ritz, but not too effete to strap themselves onto a camel.