Reptilian Armour

Firm reptilian brown casing, with sticky-out bits to remind you of stegosaurus plates. (Oh yes, I bet they do.)

Inside goes a bit tender, though, this being a book of love and family devotion an' all...

Made in three sections: the first purposeful, smooth cream paper suitable for notes and wotnot; the second section stitched with white and textured sketch paper to show pencil and crayon to their best effects; the third section made of a selection of firm card and mixed media paper to take pictures, glues, the odd paw print and anything else that needs a firm background, because you never know what child art will be composed from next.

Oh yes, with little pockets, peepholes, tucky-in bits and a secret place (or two) to stash the letters you're going to write to your future selves.

(The whole design informed by The Journal of the Whills, obviously...)

See that strange internal light glowing from within the book? Welcome to The Force. I stitched it into the pages. To hold onto it, angle your book to the sun and peer inside.

Supplied with fortune cards to help signpost your way on the journey ahead.


Long time brewing

I've now - hurrah - restocked the materials I need to make the Enchanter's Book of Spells. Unfortunately, these materials have a life of their own to lead. At some point, when the stars align, then I come along and interrupt their processes. So you might have to wait for the leather to darken, age, cradle the scars, and grow in wisdom. (And the hand-marbled paper used here? Took three years to make itself available.)