Naughty Words for your Knicker Drawer

Knicker Drawer Note Books is ready for this next (and even worse) phase of lock down!

What's even worse than being locked up? Being let out to a non-touching world.

This difficult phase is one I am sure I am experiencing along with many other unhugged people in Spring and Summer 2020.

Now, put those new relationships on hold while it's all Look Don't Touch.

And pick up, for these buttoned-down pent-up times, traditional lead type spelling naughty words for your Knicker Drawer.

Going on sale at Number 38 Vintage Emporium. Oh yes yes yes!

Call 01908 615246 to buy (regardless of whether you see it on the photo list, because I can make you up a naughty phrase or two to order).

Just £3 a strip.




Disobedient Objects: everyday jewellery in purple and green, a chain, buttons and hatpin. Plenty of pockets, concealed. Stitched in soft suede with a tender wrapping cover, weighs in the hand like a brick. Let's do some damage, ladies.

Thank you to this elegant post, here: