November. Month of shadows and veils; the month of half-light, a slipping of time; the month was made for glances, glimpses of knowledges, half revealed, half concealed; fictions and truths, darkness and light. This month was made for story. Choose a book for November.

On sale at Number 38 Vintage Emporium, and the weekend of 4/5 November 2017 at the Handmade and Vintage show in Central Milton Keynes.


Dragons, owls, green

Book with pockets, folds, tucks and secret places to locate objects, notes, and scraps; green leaf stitch flows through selected pages, and layers invite the snatch of feather. Beware! The dragon trapped inside breathes fire! Sketch paper, note paper, hand-twisted natural dyed felt, hand-marbled paper, buckle and cog. Everything here, except the owner's hand, brushing those pages.


Stop everything

The colour red
passion drama love taking sides revolutions anger life blood heat strength stop decide make way
for here comes a Woman

Books in October designed and stitched for power and passion. Thank you to Alex and Annette for the inspiration.