Lady of Letters

Tell me the year you'd like to live in, the place you imagine yourself, the way you'd occupy your time... fancy being a lady of letters, eighteenth century?


The writer's notebook

Vintaged books for writers... secret pockets, typographic reminders, crib sheets, hand marbled paper, and pockets to store the tram ticket that will become crucial for Chapter 2.


The Book of Nature

A4 sized book; sketch paper and notepaper combined. Textured paper made from bark transported by hand all the way from Mexico; waxed paper from France; handmade paper from Wales; bottled crab claw from England's shoreline; burned paper from the Victorian age found in a country house attic; and the dragon claw given to me by a Dragon Hunter, now time travelling in China 1674. And that's the truth.

Member of the orchestra

A5 sized book; plain cream paper with stitched edging to act as index marking; felt fabric for stitching small items; envelopes for storage of cards and ephemera. The back of the book with bulldog clip acts as a clipboard for purposeful notemaking. Practical, whimsical, fun, unique!