The Last Journal of the Lost Time Traveller

Journal found amongst the charred remnants of the exploded Shed, property of the Time Traveller Caecilius Quaesitor.

Unfortunately, he has left behind the key with the fob marked TIME, so he is unlikely to return in our Age.

There is only one solution! For an intrepid explorer of the Steam Brigade to bravely take this journal and return it to him, complete with codes, key, and the salvaged remains of Caecilius' faithful cat, Whiskers, who inadvertently activated the DESTRUCT button on the Shed, following a long and self-indulgent session of night-time purring.


Crocodile charming and reptile tinkering

A note book for all your reptilian requirements. Supplied with a tooth I charmed from the mouth of the most ferocious Lemon Curd Eating Crocodile from the swamps of Burtingua Pingo, plus a bottle of Genuine Crocodile Tears. (Honest.)

Essential kit for all Crocodile Charmers, Reptilian Tinkerers, Roguish Adventurers, Myth Makers, and Story Writterers.


Steampunk? See you at The Asylum!

Notebooks bashed by time; notebooks for your (travelling) bookcase; notebooks for pockets, waistcoats, strapping to your thigh, fastening to your boot, hitching to the camel (airship & steam-powered vehiculator); notebooks with secret pockets for the codes you're transporting to the Calculating Engine; notebooks for drawing, sketchmaking, ticket collecting, surveillance duties, and all general memorandering. It's a way of life.

made with love and a fleeting glimpse into your soul by the bookbinder.