White, pink, stone.

A book bound in a gently crumpled soft white leather, because we women are all about fragility and strength...

like wings, opening to a creative space of tender suede, satins and wools, fine organza and a gentle net to catch the fingers...

because books are made of dreams and far away places, adventures and delights, new possibilities, inspirations and time elsewhere, then cherry blossom paper from Japan, laced deckle-edged paper from a history of England and, hidden inside, tucked-away envelopes to catch the thoughts, and words, and pictures of the people we love. Love,



 Book One

uses transparencies, nets, gentle curves; as strands of memory braid, pattern, separate, and join.

Book Two

gentle tones, flecks of darkness and light, scatterings, recollections, fragments, calmness making them whole.

Book Three

collections of objects to tell the story, remember who we are, what matters, what brings peace, what endures.


Lost and Found: Witch's Notebook, Macbeth

Handed down, probably, possibly, maybe from another place, a book amalgamation of past and present, this one cased by ring of metal, let's say twist of Scotland, watched by unstable skull beneath glittering crown, bottles of who-knows-what, a crick of some imaginary thing, possibly vegetable, mineral, animal, a tapping of objects, who-knows-where, sound their arrival to your hands, a sparkle, a crackle, a leather that creaks and speaks, petals that never die, and secret tucks and folds to close your fingers. No bones of babies, but Certificate (merit) for Practitioner of Witchery and Wizardry. Strange? Your preferred name added. Somewhere.


Lost and Found: Jane Eyre's Notebook

I'm claiming that this notebook - probably found in a corner of an uncleared junk shop - contains a splintered twig from a chestnut tree. Certainly, it contains Victorian paper, stitched into the rear, with rag pulp paper, plenty of blank pages, envelopes, tucks and secret folds. Snatches of bridal net - hidden in the spine and proclaimed at the front - seem a clue, as does the fire-damaged love letter to a Mr Rochester. (Written by which Wife? Couldn't say.)


Steampunk Aromatherapy

Look, someone had to do it ...mash up the worlds of crystal healing and steam-powered engineering.

Creating your first-ever notebook with electrically implanted crystal hook-up for superior healing-power radiatron output.

or howabout a more conventional alternative?

Crystals, fractures, sparkles, repair.



One of those unique combinations, made for one person only.


From a repurposed handbag...

comes a delightful Knickers Notebook...

And from bag number two...

pops another one.