Joining the Steampunks of Gloucestershire Winter Convivial

Knicker Drawer Note Books is at the only trading slot of her year! (Easy, still living in 1847.)

Come and say Hello! And buy a Note Book! 

Your Knicker Drawers were made for them.

Bring your Day Out to the Folk Of Gloucester Saturday 13th November (in everyone else's year, 2021).


Note Books for the Darkening


Books of Spells, Magic, and Wonder for the Darkenings. 

 Available from now to the early months, before the light, in the New Year of Becoming. 

Visit Number 38 Vintage Emporium. Enter by front access only, count ten paces to hidden stairs. Ascend and, in quiet contemplation, select the Note Book which whispers A Book is the Precious Life Blood of a Master Spirit. And so begins your holding.




Bright findings, soft diffusions of browns, the shape of ghosts emerging under pages, celebration of who went before, waiting for your notes, the claim of a new finder; keeper.

Labelled, Yours, K.


Frida Kahlo Diario

Notebook inspired by the colours of Kahlo. (And I'm a teeny bit envious of the new owner.)