One for the future

Add charms to the chain as you find them...

pin, stitch and glue items of lace, snatches of fabric, pictures and photos to cloth and paper...

add ribbons, threads and twine....

tuck away feathers, petals and found objects gathered along the way...

doodle, draw, note, design, plan, make lists, capture memories, hold papers: whatever you need in your note book, it's waiting for you, always.


Story book for Silk town

A story book that combines fragilities with strengths; history and heritage seeping into the future; delicacy and sturdy usage, hopefully for years to come.

Paper both recycled and pressed new; folded and turned to create pockets and tucks; tones of ivory, white, caramels.

Leather cover overlaid with suede to invite your caress. The more you use it, the more beautiful this book will become.

(Also: Book must contain bees. Try not to let them escape.)


Bundle the Unexpected

Objects: Conker, Teddy, Ring, Book. All in a sock.

Book and pocket, straps to enclose with a buckle. The most unlikely and unexpected objects combined. Papers clean and mixed, aged and new, keep together your most secret plans. I dunno, could be magical happenings brought about through dressing up and telling stories. (Sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon.)


'Knitting underwater'

Objects: paper bird, black bean, cord, ribbon, joker playing card. Shimmering leather in soft, watery aquamarine, cut into waves. Tucks and folds for paper bird; the bean rattling in a bottle; a bright blue ribbon used for an essential stitch, and the cord threaded between felt and net. Purposeful, clean notepaper interleaved with recycled and hand-marbled paper. Marbling could be paper art, or could be corpuscle, with capillaries, loops and spaces. I couldn't say. You decide. (Joker playing card, discreetly hidden; play it when you will.)


Story tellers

Objects: shell, emblem, fabulous beast, pen, photograph. A rippling, flowing stitch evokes the shoreline, with torn leathers and textured suede fastened in place to make folds and pockets, from which magical creatures, strange curiousities and new wonders can emerge.

Recycled and plain papers carry lined and scattered lines set against printed marbling of white and blue. Lines - fragmented, directioned, blotted, curved and meandering - evoke words and memories blown throughout the book.

Photographs, once-urgent inked writings, layering of texts, snatches of story. At the end, the story-teller's pen, tucked away, ready to begin again.


Add clown nose

Sometimes I love you people. In all your bonkers, unpredictable ways. Book, made not of opposites or contradictions - that would be too straightforward - but simply of the un-charted, un-networked, un-resolvable, barely comprehensible objects. Green wool felt (speak to me of forests and circles of nature); blue Lapis lazuli rock (tell me of ancient ritual, life and death); a handful of scrabble letters (read to me L, W, S, O, E, word it what you will); a chess piece (strategum and outwit me); a clown nose (false and true).

Book of Curiosities. Contains real hide. I ripped it myself from the tail end of a sleeping dragon.

Scrapbooking Dementia

Bow, bells, mirrors, texture; familiar and strange. Shirt buttons, beads and J-Cloths; prints and patterns. Pockets, tucks and folds to stash notes, photos, jottings and scrapbook stories. Fabrics and felts for stitching. Pocket at rear for small objects and mementos: the little things we need to keep.