Music, possibly anarchy

I receive a lot of requests to make books that musicians would like. (Must be the leather.)

Well, this particular one started out neatly. All regular.

But then it quickly went all anarchy and burst into flowers. (Spring, possibly.)

I expect, in this particular series, to be in full flow by about June.


For the first year, paper

Delicate papers, rolled smooth with flower inclusions, stitched next to rough handmade paper recycled from paper pulp, placed next to gold printed chiyogami paper, next to transluscent printed rose paper, next to fine paper as delicate as a spider's web, next to petals, silk, leather, and bridal net.

(Almost makes me wish I could be married, all over again.)


All turned violet

Textured collecting book. Everything should be okay, if you collect violet.



Taking flight

In turquoise blue and dark brown leather...

Or one that's sealed, to reveal...

Or elegant, graceful, the languid line of Art Noveau.

But I wonder if this is the one?