Steampunk range

Darnnit. Ain't it true that the camera breaks down just as you're keen to photograph the one based on a moment of exploding time, or the book with fold out flapping wings, or the dish with the mechanical dials and needles that spin round depending where you put the magnets? You'll just have to make do with last season's stock before I set about stitching skin and mending the camera.


Star struck

Magnetic bead fastening, fallen stars, silk thread paper, reflections, cut outs, nets and shadows. 
Enclosed in soft black leather wrap. Made for poetic star gazing.

Beaming silver sun.

My favourite! Waves and straight lines, and a star collecting bag.

Or the one with black suede and gold leather wrap...

...version of the Starstruck below...

A place of romance for photographs, letters, tickets and the postcard that reads, Will you marry me?