Notebook for an Adventrix

Required for travel! Whether it be tea and treacle tart while moored in the Persian Gulf, or resting up in a Fijian harbour inn while the harpoon is sharpened for the afternoon's kraken hunt.

Brown leather lady's book contains pocket, folds, tucks, flaps and a secret place to store the world's deadliest harpoon point. Map route, code store, ticket holder. Likely to be required at a moment's notice when the adventures begin. (Supplied therefore with a linen thread loop on the binding, to hang it on the bedpost overnight.)

Strap it to your camel, move on. Maps fold out. Map pins included.

Choice 3: Requires purposeful lady traveller, scholarly and intrepid, familiar with the Ritz, but not too effete to strap themselves onto a camel.

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