Design inspirations: lady travellers

Notebooks for the sort of woman who packs an overnight bag and sets off for Borneo on a bicycle.

I'd like to think my soft folding Knicker Drawers are driven by my rose-tinted recollections of personal travel experiences, except the memory is rarely rose-tinted. The terrible illness in Calcutta, the death's door in Christmas Malaysia, the aeroplane of Borneo. And I have still not forgiven Dig for Hotel Rat.

All lady explorers need to carry with them a little jottings book to keep a record of the delights, but mostly the horrors, miseries, and grudges. She needs a place to keep invoices, tickets and the sales receipt it took three men and two hours to write out, 'because the man who opens the cupboard where we keep the Sold stamp has gone to lunch'.

Here, have a list of lady explorers. These days, I might make number 199,984,715.

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