Design inspirations: privacy

The first, the last, the alpha, the omega, the reason the book came to be, Lo and Behold, the Knicker Drawers.

Privacy, modesty, a moment to hold back that blabbing mouth before it splashes every public place with ne'er a thought to a wiser inhibition, we all need, at times, a Knicker Drawer.

But here is a very good twenty-first century reason to own a Knicker Drawer. I had a conversation with a woman who suspected her password book had been rifled; she was certain as she watched her online life slip out of her control.

I made for her a Knicker Drawer Password Book.

You arrange the pages, folds, nets, fabrics, ties and ribbons in the order that only you know: the combination of how you wrap the net, secure the felt, and fold the paper is the secure lock of your book, kept in your mind. You will know if the fold is out of sequence, the net is disturbed, the pin removed, the ribbon loose.

Keep your privates, private.

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