The stick collector's must-have

I don't know about anyone else's habit, but me, I cannot help myself. I confess to it. A necessary fondling, stroking, touching and trophy hunting. Generally of nature's vulnerable parts; specifically of her squirrel-chewed cones, bent sticks, crisped leaves, mineral-stained gravels, and sea-bashed stones. 

Doesn't everyone come away from a hike through the woods and a stroll by the waters with their pockets bulging of treasures?

Here then, is the stick collecting notebook for hikers, walkers, wood-lovers and damsels (like me) who like nothing better than to run amok in nature, gathering up her twisted willow, stealing her stringy birch, grubbing out her broken beech, and coveting her holly.

In soft brown suede with a bark-textured leather stick-keeping strip; then wrapped with brown felt, sparkled net, cream pages, and bits and bobs, such as a touch of oh-la-la French waxed paper and a folded page of hand-made India. All multi-layered, deeply complex, and made all the better by fanciful wonder - just as the best walks, and all the best experiences.

(And you can bet it's unique, like only a Knicker Drawer can be.)


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