The book for the wild words of story

I could barely stop myself with this one. I had to slap myself around a bit to put it down. It was so darned feisty!

I had to brave my way across the chasm, face the demons, snatch the dragon heart, flee the smoky scene, rescue the helpless knight, then bound the bridge to safety! Hoping all the time the dainty silver chain of my telling tale held me safe, and never let me fall.

The book for this story-laden owner I stitched with possibilities in mind, guided by thoughts of dramas reshaping and reforming, old stories combining from new origins to reach new points of departure. The leather crack reveals a scaly skin; the stitched inserts twirl and swirl; you choose to layer the ribbon, felt and net. A book of things familiar, a book of things changed, a book of stories yet to be told.

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