Emergency fairy

Is it getting close to Christmas? That would explain the sudden need for fairies. They are always useful in emergency situations. This book (soft, smooth purple; as smooth as a fairy's behind), contains unique fairy catching nets. In my experience, when you've caught them, unless you have a means of holding them securely,* they tend to flap off sharpish.

Or choose the discreet lady's Victorian-style fairy book? Soft suede cover, internal nets, fairy trapping pockets, inner cover made with deep lace, rose petal centre pages, and plenty of pockets to keep the special moments of life for quiet contemplation. A true Knicker Drawer creation. (But shhh... the fairies are at slumber.)

*To reassure all concerned fairy collectors! No fairies are harmed in the making of Knicker Drawer fairy books. They are all free to come and go as they please., I am trying to be kind about this... let's just say, none of the fairies have actually found the way out the books yet. Draw your own conclusions. Maybe Knicker Drawer books are so lovely, the fairies are simply happy to stay.

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