March Mischief

March Mischief is afoot at Number 38 Vintage Emporium!

If you're a local Knicker Drawer Enthusiast, then pop along to the No.38 shop and drop into the tea-pot a suggested theme for a book you'd like to see on sale there ...  

Gin has been entered into the teapot, and I shall begin a notebook on that theme shortly.*

Now go ahead! Make my month! Pop a challenge into the teapot!

And to say thank you, any suggested books that emerge from your proposed themes will go on sale at the shop for the extraordinary price of £15, so make sure you keep tabs on that display...

(Suggested themes must be one word only! Ha! That is stop you suggesting a book stitched about such notions as  'Gerald without his trousers'. You'll just have to settle for trousers.)

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