Stall 13 Handmade and Vintage

Knicker Drawer Note Books, Stall 13 Handmade and Vintage Show, Central Milton Keynes, Saturday and Sunday June 10-11. Come and find the book that belongs to You.

All stitched with love - on my grandmother's Singer sewing machine from 1906, on a fancy-schmancy Frister Rossman dating from 1973 - and bound by hand in traditional pamphlet stitch with linen and embroidery threads.

And I know how these books are used, how they gain in presence and in part of us, because I'm using one myself, right now. The love of my life had emergency surgery three weeks ago, and my note book is become a place to clutch in waiting rooms, to quick-scribble jottings - a doctor's name, a tablet I can't pronounce, or a date that might be significant. It's a book to turn in the hand, to weep into, to be a part of the journey.

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