Steampunk for your who-you-are

I don't know about your dressing-up moments, but when I put on my Steam clothes, I become the Bookbinder. I make the book for your soul. Regard me both with suspicion and recognition.

This year, will your book be bound and waiting?

From my workshop: books for Spies, Conspirators and Secret Agents; Magickians and Alchemists; Reporters and Photographers; Governors, Buzzers, Skinners, Rogues, Urchins, Dilletantes and Ne'er Do Well's; Merchants and Occupations of Market (to wit: Dressmakers, Star-map makers, Writers, Artists and General Goods Handlers etc etc); Detectives; Engineers; Airship Commanders, Aeronautical Naturalists and Fairy Collectors; Lady Botanists, Lady Explorers, Travellers and Nomads; Antiquarians, Collectors, Purveyors of Junk and Librarians; Poets and Scholars; Pirates of Land, Sea, and Air; Scientists (mad and sane); Noble sorts from Lord and Lady extraction; Officers and Gentlemens of Diverse Armies and Navies; Tea Duellers; Time Travellers, Lost Adventurers, Raconteurs, Inventors, Artisans and Rebels.

If you'd like to throw in your who-you-are, let me know at

Looking forward to seeing you at The Asylum 2017.

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