Book for the Angel Hunter

Note book for the Angel Hunter. A safe place to wrap your Angel Blaster and Fallen Angel Detector. Book wrap combines suede and leather.

Stitches change in tension - slipping and tightening - a natural consequence when your book passes through the Transference Field several times an hour.

When angels fall, they fall quickly and in bulk. Pockets, tucks, nets and folds thus trap and enclose lost feathers and broken angel breath.

Bottle contains Angel Temptation Seeds. Use sparingly, as overuse causes Fracturing of Earth Covering and can be fatal to minor angels unaccustomed to potent aromas.

Book is ready to fill with your lists and doodles while awaiting calls on your Angel Hotline; your hand-drawn maps of Angelic Territories; photographs and snapshots of Lost (and found) Angels; poetry designed to sooth the particularly aggressive Angelic Ferocious, plus all your collections of Angelic Memorabilia.

Only one available, at Number 38, Vintage Emporium.

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