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Book One: Artist Woman

A book that must change, reforming and reshaping as the years go by, becoming richer and more vibrant as time enriches us with experience. Never let life pass without marking your book.


Book Two: Warrior

Inspired by second wave feminism: our legal rights and responsibilities are both our protection and means of confrontation. That shield is undeniable in your face and wrought to strengthen the bearer beyond any challenge the weaker warrior can throw down.

And this book is red. Because red is not simply a fantastic, bold, bright and beautifully strong colour to arrest a viewer and stop them in their tracks. It's menstruation, birth, life, death, revolution and power.

Book Three: Let's Not Compromise

Yay! Because taking the male-given imagery of femininity and owning it in your own way is part of woman. Third-wave feminism - your power, your expression, your individuality. Wear the pink with the ribbon, because you control its meanings, grrrl.


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