Alice always carried a note book

Alice in Wonderland
Note Books heading to Vintage Emporium Number 38 Newport Pagnell.

Call Agent Pip via the new-fangled telephonic machine on 01908 615246 and ask her to secure yours for postage or collection.

Quick! Only six Wonderland books are to be made in Knicker Drawers Central before the Queen finds out!

Each note book contains items saved, salvaged, scrounged and stolen from a white rabbit, plus everyday papers for your jottings of the six impossible things you did before breakfast, plus your scribblings, doodlings, favourite quotations and answers to the puzzle, Why is a raven like a writing desk? Wrapped in white leather, A6 in size, and supplied with an invitation to tea.

£26 per book, p&p extra. Ask Agent Pip on telephonic 01908 615246. xx Love 2021 from Knickers. PS. Thank you to Karen. xx

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