Paleobiology meets Tim Burton

Yippee! You people are brilliant. Thanks to you, I have the best job in the world.

Now, how about this fantastic combo of Paleobiology & Tim Burton?

Choice one: book draws on a Gothic Tim Burton style; it's all made up of blacks, whites, greys and tones. The leather wrap is tough, black, with a surface ridging; I've chosen it partly because I feel the curious 'plasticised' texture echoes the 1950s/60s/70s style that Tim Burton films sometimes incorporate, and the design of the stamping is reminiscent of the branching tree structure used in evolutionary biology. (Oh yes it does!)

The cover embellishment is animal bone and wood; the animal bone is finger-picked from the Thames; the wood comes courtesy of a forest walk. With both I've wire-worked beads and the odd bit of sparkle. And I  bet that gently reminds you of a double helix. (Tell me it doesn't!)

The inside book cover I've stitched with net because Grit Design is big on layers. Yes, I absolutely believe in the multilayered nature of our everyday; whether it is digging through horizons of the ground, peeling back the surface to the ideas below, communicating with three different meanings in one, or getting right on down to the woolly vests of my autumn wardrobe. Layering is just how we live.

On selected pages inside you'll discover original artwork inspired by the Tim Burton tree design. You're so right! That tree echoes again the tree diagrams you biologists know so well!

Generous cut outs, odd shapes, quirky bits, and unpredictable angles catch you throughout, and that's just the way the design had to be.


(Expressionist photography mine, in homage.)

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