The book for a reflexology practioner surely must be useful! Sized at just under A5 and with a conventional cover, it lays neatly on the desk and asks for your notes, sketches, and jottings. 

But this book of all books must, must, must, be sensory-beautiful! Tactile trim, soft leather, gentle chimes. My advice is, drop your own perfume onto card and insert the cards between the nets and the pages. 

And the sparkle. Not just any old sparkle. Here is Qi which I read informs reflexology practice; I've chosen sharp, brittle, sparkle that catches the sunlight and flashes back at you a sudden bright beauty.

Design motifs. I've used the archetypal Hamsa symbol. Reworked in so many cultures worldwide, I think it can stand another reimagining. Then find circles, lines, knots, spheres, curves; a sudden twist in direction or a free flow line. 

And the barriers. You can't come in. But you're invited. All Knicker Drawer Books have this principle behind them: the reveal-conceal. The books play on boundaries of access - permitted/forbidden; denied/invited; private/public; out of bounds/your space to inquire. (For which way of thinking and the expression of those ideas in design form, I still have people to thank.)

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