Make book, eat cake

Make a book for a cupcake maker! Must include sketch paper, notepaper, places to collect bits, bobs, ideas, swatches, and stuff.

Within minutes this has become a wild excuse to cover the entire house with see-through paper and doilies.

and cupcakes! Because when I make a book for someone, I have to walk in their way, if only for a few short steps. But not long enough to actually decorate the little fairy cakes before we scoff them. (Even if Grit's sponge cakes are like rock cakes. I have a non-critical audience here.)

Now wipe away the paper doilies and the face full of crumbs, and think about cake preservation... didn't a slice of Queen Victoria's Wedding Cake go on sale recently? Imagine you have found an heirloom cake book, and here's choice two. Sketchpaper, notepaper, and holdings for treasure, wrapped up with vintage leather, bridal lace, pink edged paper, and pressed rose petals. All layered just like a cake. With icing on top.

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