Time and Place Perfect

Central Milton Keynes Shopping Centre!

Yes! I'll be at Stall 13 in the splendid Vintage and Handmade Fair

March 7th & 8th 2020!

Come with or without your face mask,

I'll be on my soap box

Stall 13 if you didn't remember that already,

where I'll be pontificating about my theories of gendered cultural coding and bookbinding

with maybe the occasional unhinged finger pointing

but most certainly out loud and proud in all matters note-booking, crafting and stitching-witching

while attired in half a steampunk outfit -

you know the one where I am the time travelling bookbinder

who can make a book using the threads of your soul

if you'll let me

and, frankly, I'll do it anyway, even if you won't let me, because if I see your face and take the measure of you, I'll mark you in my book of souls who need a book, then yes, I'll make your book.

You just don't know it, and you might never know it, but here it is, you have a book made for you - you just have to find it, in all the wide world, perhaps this weekend at Stall 13, waiting for you to walk by and suddenly know, 'That's My Book.'

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