Lock Down Journal!

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so quickly I didn't have time to photograph it

These lovely note books are made from donated leather - THANK YOU to the anonymous person who donated a huge bag of offcut leather to Vintage Number 38! We all owe you a thank you - I've kept the costs down on all books made from your lovely leather thanks to your donation!

Each book contains A6 sized blank, everyday, purposeful notepaper. I can't get to my normal recycled and handmade paper supplier, so all books include small varieties of odd papers, as much as I can scavenge from my paper drawers.

All books also contain a joyful amount of tea bagging on Defoe's original words, taken from A Journal of the Plague Year (1665). I hope you all enjoy tea bagging your pages to turn today's notebook into a journal with all the browned-paper dignities of age!

Finally, all books contain a key ring design on the front. From it, I hang items in the variety as photographed from an assortment of bottles, keys, locks, clock hands, wings, bells, beads, charms and chains. While your book contains a selection of items, it's also the invitation to you - go on a treasure hunt around your house to collect the little things to tie and hang from your journal to make it personal.

All books contain a range of illustrations, photographs and text. Who knows what you'll discover! Your book is the opportunity to create your own lovely treasure book of whimsy, doodles, bits, bobs, poems, songs, diary entries, buttons, photos, lists, motivational sayings, wishes, book readings, references, secret desires, plans for revenge, your attempt at bird identification etc etc etc etc... Make it Yours.

To buy a Lock Down Knicker Drawer Note Book

All books are priced £10
P&P to add please talk to Pip on 01908 615246 who may be able to offer you a free local delivery!

Happy Lock Down!

When it's all over, take a picture of what you did with your Lock Down Journal to share!

And a BIG THANK YOU for supporting your local businesses and crafters from Margaret at Knicker Drawers xx

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