1/9 Victorian Heirloom  Wedding book for passing along the years. Pearl leather cover, net, stitched paper, cotton trim, cotton inserts with organza, handmade stitched paper and lacepaper, everyday notepaper in cream, lace edging, embossed envelopes, khadi paper, ribbon tied. Make a history here: as it travels, have each new generation leave their finger marks, writings, notes and wonders.
A5 £30

2/9 Love
Strength and vulnerability: a chain hangs from fine cotton; from it, add the charms that tell you your stories of love. Pearl leather cover, gold net, flecked paper, cotton insert, organza, everyday notepaper in white, , embossed envelopes, textured paper, ribbon tied. A note book for planning, scribbling, doodling or just filling with big drawn love notes.
A5 £30

3/9 Celebrations
Fun, quirky, collect the little things. Frills, fancy, dinner plate ceramic button from the lovely Karen Turner on cover. Pearl leather cover, cotton fabric, organza, everyday notepaper in cream, ribbon tied. Note book for the collecting: swatches, snips, jottings, scribblings, lists, you name it. Jot it here.
A6 £20


 4/9 Marry Me
Little notebook to write in the words, I Love You. We all want to say it; we all want to hear it. Give in. Write it on every page. I started you off with the words Marry Me. Pearl leather cover, salvaged beaded flower on front, cotton, lace edged, organza, snatches of Indian paper with everyday notepaper in cream, ribbon tied


5/9 Love
Fill with love notes! Your billet doux, cards, remembrances, to-do lists, good wishes memories, photo snaps and jottings will turn this pearl leather covered note book into a fat bundle of love tied up with ribbon! Net, petal-flecked paper, everyday notepaper in white, silver and gold painted papers with glass paper and envelopes. Waiting only for your hand. 
A5 £30

 6/9 Treasure Box
Think everyday ordinary, extraordinary.
Cream suede and leather, both salvaged. Front cover carries salvaged brooch frame with photo image, changeable. Book combines net, organza, cotton, felt. Inside papers of everyday notepaper in white, papers of this and that, purposed, repurposed. Create a box of a book with all the little things - photos, handwriting, jotted memories, lists, tickets, receipts - together they say, We are here and we are loved
A6 £25

7/9 Love Collection
Stone leather with gold dusted suede wraparound. Places to store your little bits and bobs - buttons, fabric swatches, notes, thoughts, recollections, wish lists. Inside combines net, silk, cotton, organza, lace, everyday white paper and recycled paper from England's oldest paper mill. Two signatures for the collection. A6 £27

8/9 What Survives of us is Love
Love heart emblem stitched to salvaged bridal fabric on pearl leather cover. Embroidered paper, everyday notepaper, salvaged cotton, recycled paper, lace edging. Keep the little notes here - thoughts, wonders, what ifs, memories of transforming moments, all the stuff of love, anticipation and reflection. A6 £23

9/9 Marry Me
A Notebook for the Journey: three signatures for your planning, mood booking, scrapbooking, thinkings, jottings, swatch and button collecting. Pearl leather cover opens to felt for stitching and pinning; cut and shaped papers for scribbling, drawing and note-making. Lace, sketch papers, everyday notepapers, pockets, fold outs, tucks and transparencies. Collect it all. A5 SOLD

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