Greys to Purple

Book 1: Collect. Save here the little things which make the hours: know them through your handling of beads, buttons, scraps of papers, jottings, remembrances. A time capsule and treasure box to create for the future.

Three signatures, beading on the binding, paper size 13x10cm, book contains pages tucked, folded with private places to store your quiet treasures. £25 add p&p UK only £3.50.

Book 2: Flower. Delicate and sturdy, fragile and durable, tender and tough, I love it. Lace, hand dyed cotton, felt, crumples, net, lace paper, everyday paper, cherry blossom paper, ribbon, beads, just my favourite.

Single signature, wrap provides external pockets to dress as you please, paper size 17x10cm. £27 add p&p UK only £3.50.

Book 3: Flower. Dark purple, internal sensory mix of suede, cotton, net, organza, everyday notepapers, craft papers, tactile flower cut outs. Create a work of art and make a fat little bundle of all the things you love to keep: pressed flowers, feathers, stamps, handwriting, notes, cuttings, doodles.

Single signature, ribbon wrap, paper size 15x10cm. £25 add p&p UK only £3.50.

All note books contain everyday papers for your own notemaking, sticking, cutting, threading and whatevering, plus a selection of any of the following: handmade paper; specialist paper; decorative paper; papers from Mexico, Italy, India; sugar, craft and khadi rag-pulp papers; recycled papers pressed at Frogmore Paper Mill - England's oldest paper mill. Who knows what wonderful combinations you'll discover!

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