Fun with fairies

Choice one, rich purpled leather, fairy trapped in fairy-trapping-hoop and pinned to the front; magnetic catch opens to delightful pink stained paper, stitched with fancies. You'll just have to look through, and see which fancy fairy flimsy tickles yours.

Option two (defies photography); Book of Wishes, has flappy wing bits, and contains actual! fairies! caught in the extremely special fairy net. Fun. Practical? You make up your own mind. Contains lots of notepaper and instructions for wishes.

Fairy book choice three! Edwardian ladylike, with ribbons and beads dripping from a flower-strewn interior. Open up to reveal complete garden, with fairies (hiding).

There are, of course, the evil faeries, the ones who flit the ghastly airs, drawing strength from the crimes of ne'er-do-wells and scoundrels. All books above are charmed in advance to resist those wicked wanderers.

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