Silken grave goods

One of the bestest things about taking commissions from you lovely people is the wondrous range of interests, fascinations, intrigues and passions you manage to come up with. So here, the degradation and preservation of silk when it's dug up from the ground in excavation of pre-Christian burials...

First choice! Black leather wraparound book. Silk rod on one cover, folding over mulberry paper and metalwork embellishment. Open up, and find decorative linen and waxed papers layered with wool and silk felt. Wrap around with nets, silk-style fabrics with wool threads, and lovely inset papers from Frogmore Paper Mill. Sprinkle throughout all the delightful knicknackeries that Knicker Drawers does so very well.

I'm almost tempted to bury it in the ground and leave it for a few weeks to bring about some seducing earth smell.

Choice two. I love this book. I will simply have to make a copy, just so I can continue the hugging-to-the-bosom process I have already begun.

Distressed, wrinkled leathered cover; Victorian scholar style; twisted raw silk fibres with felted wool, gently stained with earth ochre; gold fibres trapped and bound in a contradictory free-form stitchery.

(Bashed up, scholarly, natural? Hang on, I think I just worked out why I like it.)

Hope you do, too.

Choice three; earth colours layered over sturdy metals, fragile papers, felted wools and fine silks. Magnetic cover closure, internal ribbons and secret pockets.

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