Placid and peacemaking (and jeweled in purple)

Quiet, reflective spaces, to save the most inspiring lyrics, keep a token of youth, save the sayings that guide you, hoard a photo, or just to pin the little things. One day you look back and know, these were the big things.

This, based on the design of a jewellery roll, in violet-purple suede, inspired by the amethyst, raw rock crystal and cut to jewellery. Unrolls to felts, nets, papers, and secret stashing places for tickets, notes and billet-doux (or the wise words of your mum, take your pick).

Fun, with twiddly bits, because there's a bit of every girl that never grows up (or at least, I hope not).

Or the sophisticated one - ruby-red, wine-purpled, soft leather bound book with a regal feel - inspired by gold drawn from the ground and emerging in many forms, all desirable. No matter how old, the golden moments never fade.

Next up! Light purple leather twist stitched on black. Add sequin, nets, ribbons, silk thread paper, hand-made felt, inner tucks, and secret folds. A book that draws inspiration from the curves of sound waves and the pulses of music. Just add the laid-back, contemplative mood.

Add another choice! Music, sparkle, smooth and textured touch to the fingers! Bold, dramatic, cute and quirky, all in one. Stick your ipod in the front cover pocket and play the soundtrack for youth, bringing it all together.

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